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Welcome Close to Robert, 80s piano synthpop french composer & singer

This pop music is entirely homemade in Toulouse, France, with melodies, rich harmonies, blues crooner voice, heading bass synth, eighties old synthesizer electro sounds, jazz virtual french piano, rock & folk guitars, english lyrics & des paroles en français. 

Just released, the EP is on sale 4,80 € on bandcamp.

Born to run in strawberry fields with heroes, psycho killers & radio stars. Enjoy the… music, kiss, sweet dreams, good vibrations & hallelujah !

Le EP 5 titres est en vente 4,80 € sur bandcamp.

Musicians needs aren’t only love, nor cold beer, nor Spotify, so thank you to support their work by buying their music !

Les artistes ne vivant pas que d’amour, bière fraîche & Spotify, merci d’encourager leur travail
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