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The Kitchen
(homestudio Close to Robert)

To make home made synth pop music, it’s a question of time, sweat dreams, patience and home studio…

Close to Robert’s pop music is entirely produced in France, on short circuit board. No computers were mistreated nor any software. Labels “Silent neighborhood”, «Keyboard respect», «Organic singer», « Auto-Tune-free » & « 80s recycled » currently in being obtained.

La pop music de Close to Robert est entièrement réalisée en France, en circuit imprimé court. Aucun ordinateur n’a été maltraité ni aucun logiciel. En cours d’obtention des labels «Safe neighbourhood», «Keyboard respect», «Organic singer», « Auto-Tune-free » & « 80s recycled ».


Homestudio Close to Robert : synthe, computer, electric guitar, folk guitar, monitors...
  • Apple MacStudio computer.
  • RME Fireface UCX audio interface.
  • Digital Audio Workstation softs Ableton Live with Push control surface & Apple Logic Pro X ; I use first or second depending on the mood. I like the simplicity of Ableton Live. I like playing and recording with a piano sound in Logic Pro X without following a clic. The DAW find the tempo after my recording.
  • Plug-ins Modartt Pianoteq (a marvelous modeling piano created in Toulouse), Arturia V Collection & FX Collection (great modeling of major models of synth and fx), Native Instruments Komplete, Roland JX3P (modeling of the synthesizer from 1983), GForce Minimonsta 2 ((MiniMoog), SSL channel strip & bus compressor, BlackBird N73 preamp & eq (great modeling of Neve 1073), iZotope Ozone (standard solution for mastering), Neutron, Nectar, Vocal Synth, Exponential Audio reverbs, FabFilters Pro-Q3, Pro-C2, Pro-R2, Pro-MB, Pro-L2, Timeless 3, Simplon, Twin 2, Saturn, Valhalla Echo, Plate & Vintageverb reverb, Universal Audio 1176 compressors, BabyAudio reverbs & echoes, Eventide Blackhole reverb, DMG compressors, UVI Opal (LA2A Compressor) & Thorus, Lindell Audio SBC & MBC compressors (API 2500), Elysia alpha master compressor…
  • Roland FA08 Keyboard ;
  • Arturia Minifreak Synth ;
  • Lag folk guitar ;
  • Fender Telecaster ;
  • SGC Nanyo G3 electric guitar ;
  • Audio Technica AT4080, AT4033, AKG C1000S, Shure SM58 microphones
  • Golden Age Pre-73 pre-amp ;
  • Focal CMS 50 & Digital Design LS6 monitors ;
  • Sennheiser HD650, HD25, Beyerdynamic DT700Pro headphones.